Another Sort Of Seaside

Stage III: North/Baltic Sea Channel (NOK) & Baltic Sea A last chapter of winding trails through Germany – this journey has never been about straight lines, right? That straight line could have been Hamburg-Kiel-Göteborg.  Or Hamburg-Lübeck. Like this, a meandering route around Schleswig-Holstein revealed places I’d never spend my holiday. Channel Days From the North … More Another Sort Of Seaside

Elbe Express

Stage II: Harz & Elbe, Leipzig – Hamburg Two weeks in with three bike races checked, it was time to make some miles to get somewhere further to that North Cape (or wherever I may end up). No more straying from the plan, 200km detours et cetera… Another race day That was, after the Biesenrode … More Elbe Express

River, Castle, Trail

Stage One: Rhein & Lahn rivers, Cologne/Koblenz/Hessen Now that the entire gorgeous plan was eliminated just when it was meant to start, let’s just change directions and go somewhere nicer..? As it happened, I’m always going opposite of where I intended to, and that has little to do with getting lost. But to start at … More River, Castle, Trail

Compass: 2018

A European summer has commenced in Sagres, and after equipping myself with wheels at my home base I’m on the go. North. Where midnight sun and the fourth ocean call me, where my knobby tires shall find gravel, loam and granite. I am bracing for fierce howling storms, penetrant mosquitos and lonesome days and nights, … More Compass: 2018

Old World

Some days in New Zealand, I remember, I dreamt of the Old World. Far south, beyond the horizon and the wide oceans I longed for a cosy stone cottage by the rugged Irish coast. Fantasized about the woods and lakes of where I grew up. Imagined strange but beautiful medieval towns by the Baltic.  The … More Old World

Tofu in Boardshorts

Meanwhile in Taiwan. Loud bursts and bangs from all directions cannot distract me from the magic moments happening right there. The indigenous artists turn the small crowd into a furious mass through beats and screaming guitars. We have had a few artisan made drinks and everything feels so real, so exciting and strange. This is … More Tofu in Boardshorts

Island of Frogs

Day Zero had come. Freshly Out of NZ, flying 20h to Europe directly wouldn’t be the style and strange lands lay en route after all. This was the time for the Experiment Asia: To check what the fuss is about – every backpacker seemed to go through Southeast Asia, and Daniel’s fascination to Taiwan somehow … More Island of Frogs

Heart of The Desert

It’s the river that runs through. Turquoise, mighty, restless. An oasis crossing the heartland of mountains turning into desert. Where brown and scorched slopes dominate, the Clutha river feeds a green band of willow trees, orchards and vineyards. It’s this river that enchanted  me last year when we first discovered Central Otago, and it kept … More Heart of The Desert