Katja, 22, Graduate in travel passion / Apprentice in travel arts

This blog is dedicated to sharing my experiences as I wander, ride, surf and sail along distant shores. After school, exchange, university and work training it is my time to fully immerse myself in the bounties of this world. I want to truly experience all that’s out there, not just passing through.I want to meet and learn from people who have been spending their lives in different places, get inspired by their experiences, dream and go further.

No longer I want to wait for chance to come, but move on forward, wherever the day leads me. Curiosity is what drives me on and on, believing in this rich and beautiful world. Don’t let chances pass, go further instead and push my own limits. Miracles never happen in your comfort zone or on the couch. Living without regrets and making sure every moment is well spent, that’s my mission.

Feel free to follow my journey on the interactive Polarsteps map here and ask me anything via the contact form.