Southern Sky

Permanent holiday can get a bit monotonous. That’s what I realized (among other things) during these six weeks in the bay. Time to shake things up a bit and take a flight. Good exercise for my spontaneity, I booked 8 days ahead with not much else set up for when I would set foot on … More Southern Sky

Beached As

What’s “real New Zealand” A glimpse into Kiwi culture to start with: (just kidding) . But hands down, on this stage I met more locals than before, to prove my thesis. They are crazy as… 1000 islands, more or less, and just about as many thoughts in my head. Paihia, the Bay of Islands, was … More Beached As

The Longest Month

When you close your eyes and see apples, when your dreams repeat themselves with apples in boxes, apples on trays and conveyor belts, when all you can smell is apples, you can be sure that the apple season has been going on for too long. Tell me, where is the life? To travel, work here … More The Longest Month

Vines in the Valley

Looking for the one-time experience in your working life, sure not to boost your CV but your insanity? Try horticultural work.Free tans and sunburns, a new aversion against the fruit of your choice but lots of fresh air.Sole purpose? Funding for another big trip and possibly an extension of your visa in the long run. … More Vines in the Valley

Of Lakes and Peaks

It promised to be an epic week, that volunteering job at the Pioneer. 500 mountain bikers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and as far as Sweden and Spain competing on a rugged course of 600km across the Southern Alps – and a crew of 100 fearless volunteers to set up the race village every single … More Of Lakes and Peaks