Vines in the Valley

Looking for the one-time experience in your working life, sure not to boost your CV but your insanity? Try horticultural work.Free tans and sunburns, a new aversion against the fruit of your choice but lots of fresh air.Sole purpose? Funding for another big trip and possibly an extension of your visa in the long run. … More Vines in the Valley

Of Lakes and Peaks

It promised to be an epic week, that volunteering job at the Pioneer. 500 mountain bikers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and as far as Sweden and Spain competing on a rugged course of 600km across the Southern Alps – and a crew of 100 fearless volunteers to set up the race village every single … More Of Lakes and Peaks


Two months in Oamaru, three months in New Zealand, four months travelling. Time has passed and was well spent. Not every day can be a sunny one, naturally, but this is the journey that I’d always dreamed of. While not all things worked out according to the master plan, the winding roads and diversions have … More Onwards

The Grand Traverse

Welcome to  the world’s very own wonderland, expected and unexpected beauty and the freedom of travel. A traverse right across the south island with the most epic landscapes en route lay ahead when I left Greymouth southbound. It would turn into a week of most intense voyage, to remind me of why this is my … More The Grand Traverse


A new beginning. The big upset in Kaikoura meant burying all plans and starting all over again. How to get on with your travel life after things have been turned upside down, the certainty of solid ground erased? How to leave people that have become so dear in just a week? To start with, our … More Wondercoast

A Rocky Start

Dear New Zealand, we had a bit of a rough time to start with. Despite the ups and downs I am ready to love you like the day I arrived. Just next time before you take me on the extra shaker adventure, would you mind asking before? I appreciate your hospitality of full catering and … More A Rocky Start